bar miyako and sutler’s gin



今週の #barmiyako ですが、14日(月)は祝日のため、19日(土)は臨時休業のためお休みさせていただきますが、15日(火)〜18日(金)は19時〜25時まで通常営業です。皆さまのお越しを心よりお待ち申し上げております!

We have a new gin — Sutler’s Gin from North Carolina, US.

Distilled from organic corn, the gin is quite junipery and rich, with a bold citrus flair and notes of lavender and coriander. It’s absolutely lovely on the rocks but it holds up well in cocktails too, so please drop by if you’d like a taste or just want to know more about sutlers!

This week, bar miyako will be closed on Monday and Saturday, but we’re open as usual from Tuesday to Friday, from 7pm to 1am, so hope to see you all again soon!

bar miyako and white walker

米国で大ヒットのテレビドラマ「ゲーム・オブ・スローンズ(GOT)」とのコラボによる限定ジョニー・ウォーカー、「ホワイト・ウォーカー by ジョニー・ウォーカー」を入手しました!



今週の @barmiyako は通常通り月曜〜金曜の19時〜25時、土曜の19時〜24時まで営業しておりますが、14日(月)は祝日のためお休みさせていただきます。皆様のお越しを心よりお待ち申し上げております!

Winter is here! We now have a bottle of the limited-edition White Walker by Johnnie Walker, created in collaboration with Game of Thrones.

This original blend features Single Malts from Cardhu and Clynelish – one of Scotland’s most Northern distilleries. According to blender George Harper (as quoted on the official Johnnie Walker website,) “whiskies from Clynelish have endured long, Scottish winters, not dissimilar to the long periods endured by the Night’s Watch who have ventured north of the wall – so it was the perfect place to start when creating this unique whisky.”

With notes of caramelized sugar, vanilla and fresh red berries, this is the perfect blend for a cold wintery day, so Game of Thrones fan or not, please stop by if your interest is piqued.

This week, @barmiyako is open as usual from 7pm to 1am on Monday to Friday and from 7pm to midnight on Saturday. Please just note that we will be closed on Monday, Jan. 14 for a national holiday.