bar miyako and ri1 (rye one) whiskey

蒸し暑い日々が続いていますが、そういう時はちょっとスパイシーでフルーティーなライウィスキー、ri1 (ライワン)はいかがですか。ストレートやロックでも最高ですが、旅行が困難な昨今、マンハッタンにしてニューヨークに思いをはせてみるのも良いかもしれませんね。

今週からの #barmiyako ですが、営業時間を従来の19時〜25時までに戻します。また、土曜日の営業も隔週で再開したいと思います。7月は4日と18日に営業いたしますので、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。スキットルでのお酒のテイクアウトもまだ可能ですので、ご希望のある方はお尋ねください!

When it’s hot and muggy outside, why not cool down with a shot of ri1 (rye one), a slightly spicy but smooth rye whiskey? It’s lovely neat or on the rocks, of course, but also makes an amazing Manhattan. As we may not be able to travel freely to the Big Apple for a while, getting into a New York state of mind by sipping its namesake cocktail may be the next best thing?

Starting this week, I’m happy to say that I’ll be going back to my original operating hours of 7pm to 1am, and will resume Saturday operations every other week. So for July, I’ll be open on July 4 and 18, in addition to weekdays. I also still have hip flasks for take-out shots, so please let me know if you’re interested!

bar miyako and sazerac rye


今週の #barmiyako は月曜〜金曜の19時〜25時まで通常営業ですが、2月1日の土曜日は冬季臨時休業とさせていただきます。不ご不便をおかけいたしますが、ご理解のほどよろしくお願いいたします。

Very belatedly, bar miyako now has Sazerac rye, the essential ingredient for the Sazerac cocktails that James Bond and Felix Leiter have in the Roger Moore classic, Live and Let Die. With some absinthe, bitters and sugar, the Sazerac packs a spicy punch, so if this is the drink for you, please stop by!

This week, I’m open as usual from 7pm to 1am from Monday to Friday, but will be opening at 8pm on Friday due to a privatclosed on Saturday, February 1 due to special winter Saturday holidays. Apologies for any inconvenience, but I hope to see you all back at the bar during the week!