bar miyako, james and jack


#barmiyako ではスタンダードのジャック・ダニエル・ブラック No. 7 に加え、ブラックを2度濾過したジェントルマン・ジャックと単一の樽のみから瓶詰めされたシングル・バレル・セレクトを揃えてますので、ご興味のある方はぜひ遊びにいらしてください!


While James Bond is famous for drinking martinis, from time to time, he’s known to down a glass of bourbon or Tennessee whiskey. Most iconic may be the scene in Goldeneye, when Pierce Brosnan’s new James Bond meets with Judi Dench’s new M, and he finds she has replaced her predecessor’s cognac with … Jack Daniel’s! Her choice of drink was no doubt a sign to Bond that a sharper and tougher M was in charge, and sharper and tougher she was, until the very end.

at bar miyako, we have the standard Jack Daniel’s Black No. 7, the double charcoal mellowed Gentleman Jack and the Single Barrel Select, so please stop by if you’d like a taste.

bar miyako is open as usual this week from Monday to Friday from 7pm to 1am, but please note that we’ll be closed on Saturday March 16. Thank you so much for your understanding and I hope to see you all again soon at the bar!