bar miyako and jane walker




今週も #barmiyako は月曜〜金曜の19時〜25時、土曜の19時〜24時まで営業しております。皆様のお越しを心よりお待ち申し上げております。

We’ve gotten our hands on a bottle of Jane Walker, a limited-edition version of Johnnie Walker’s Black Label blended Scotch whisky, released in March to coincide with World Women’s Day.

For Jane, Johnnie’s world renowned iconic Striding Man logo has been transformed into a Striding Woman, complete with top hat, tails and cane, so please stop by if you’d like an up-close view!  (Interestingly, it seems like Jane’s reception in the US was not quite what the makers expected, but more on this at the bar…)

#barmiyako is open this week as usual from 7pm to 1am on Monday to Friday, and from 7pm to midnight on Saturday. I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

bar miyako and tanqueray flor de sevilla


タンカレーの 新商品、Flor de Sevilla 入荷しました!今年発売のこのジンは、スパイン産セビリアオレンジのエッセンスを取り込んだ、柑橘はじけるフルーティーで爽やかなジンです。トニックで割っても、ネグローニにしてもロックで飲んでも思いっきり楽しめる、暑い夏にぴったりな味ですので、気になる方はぜひ遊びにいらしてください!

今週の #barmiyako ですが、7月16日(月)は祝日のためお休みとさせていただきますが、火曜〜金曜の19時から25時、土曜の19時〜24時まで営業してます!皆様のお越しを心よりお待ち申し上げております。

We’ve stocked Tanqueray’s Flor de Sevilla gin! Just released this year, the unique distilled gin is made with Sevilla orange essences and inspired by Charles Tanqueray’s original recipes. The zesty, fruitful gin is wonderful with tonic but also heavenly in a Negroni or just great on the rocks so please stop by if you’d like a taste!

This week, bar miyako will be closed on Monday, July 16 due to a national holiday, but we’ll be open as usual from Tuesday to Friday from 7pm to 1am, and on Saturday from 7pm to midnight. I hope to see you all soon!