bar miyako and ao, amazonian and bogart’s


さらに、人気だったペルー産のアマゾニアン・ジンと米国産の ボガーツ・リアル・イングリッシュ・ジン を再入荷しました。こちらもぜひ合わせてお試しください!

今週も #barmiyako は通常通り平日の19時〜25時まで、土曜の19時〜24時まで営業しております。皆様のお越しを心よりお待ち申し上げております。

bar miyako has welcomed a lovely new “world” whisky into its collection and has been reunited with some exotic and unique gins, so please stop by if you’d like a taste!

The new addition is Suntory’s Ao. Released this April, Ao blends whiskies from the world’s five major whisky producing regions: Scotland, Ireland, the US, Canada, and Japan – a pretty cool feat that probably only Suntory, which owns distilleries in all aforementioned countries, can pull off. The name “Ao” is translated to “blue” and refers to the color of the ocean. At the moment, it’s only available in Japan, so please do stop by if you’re interested!

We’ve also restocked the Peruvian Amazonian gin and the iconic Bogart’s Real English gin, so why not walk into this “gin joint” when you have the chance? We’re open as usual from 7pm to 1am on weekdays and from 7pm to 12 midnight on Saturday. Hope to see you soon!

bar miyako and amazonian gin


新しいジンを入荷しました!アマゾンの熱帯雨林で採れた新鮮な植物を蒸留した、ペルー産プレミアムジン、アマゾニアン ジン。ベーススピリッツにさとうきびを使用。ボタニカルはアマゾンの柑橘類であるカムカム、インカベリーやブラジルナッツ等。


今週も #barmiyako は月曜〜金曜の19時〜25時、土曜の19時〜24時まで営業してます!皆さまのお越しを心よりお待ち申し上げております!

A new gin addition to bar miyako: Amazonian gin from Peru, made with Amazonian botanicals including sacha inchi, Brazil nuts and tonka beans.

Why not come in for a fruity and herbal Amazonian gin and tonic to beat the rain and heat? And while unrelated to gin, we’ve revamped our Star Wars decor to mark the opening of Han Solo in Japan this Friday so come in to celebrate if you’re a fan!

bar miyako is open this week as usual from 7pm to 1am on Monday to Friday and from 7pm to midnight on Saturday. Hope to see you soon!!