bar miyako and blackwell rum 007 limited edition

今週は「007 ノー・タイム・トゥ・ダイ」の公開に合わせて発売されたブラックウェルの限定版ジャマイカンラムのご紹介です!




Good news for James Bond fans! We now have the 007 Limited Edition of Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum, an aged dark gold rum created to celebrate the release of No Time to Die!

Blackwell rum was created by Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records known for discovering Bob Marley, and the current owner of Golden Eye, Ian Fleming’s former residence in Jamaica. In No Time to Die, the rum is seen at James Bond’s residence in Jamaica.

Why not come in for a sip as we wait for news on the new James Bond front? We’re open this week from 7pm to 1am on weekdays, so hope to see you all back at the bar soon!

bar miyako and mezcal mojitos

だんだん蒸し暑くなって参りましたが、こんな季節はフレッシュミントとライムを使ったモヒートでスッキリするのはいかがですか。 #barmiyako では通常のラムで作るモヒートに加え、メキシコの伝統酒「メスカル」や「ソトル」を使用したちょっとエッジの効いたモヒートもオススメです!




As the days get hotter and muggier, why not cool down with some fresh mint and lime infused mojitos? In addition to the standard rum-based mojito, #barmiyako can also offer slightly edgier mojitos made with Mexican mezcal and sotol spirits.

Mezcal, like tequila, is made from agave plants, but while tequila production is limited to blue weber agave and 5 Mexican states, mezcal in general can be produced with one or a combination of around 50 agave species and can be produced in 9 states. Artisanal mezcal is also made by cooking the agave with wood fire ground ovens, which gives it a smokiness that sets it apart from tequila.

Sotol is also a distilled Mexican spirit, but is made from the Dasylirion plant and has a slightly smoother and sweeter taste than Mezcal. Both are a great match with mint and lime, so please stop by if your interest is piqued! We’re open as usual from 7pm to 1am on weekdays and from 7pm to midnight on Saturday, so I hope to see you all back at the bar soon!