bar miyako and rhubarb and apple gin




I’m still on shortened hours this week, closing at 10pm, but if you can stop by for just a bit, I have an exciting new gin for you to try.

Chase Rhubarb and Brambley Apple gin is tangy and tart and perfect either as a gin & tonic or served hot to warm you up on a cold evening, so please come in for a taste if your interest is piqued. Please everyone stay safe, warm and happy!

bar miyako and le gin hot toddy

le gin hot



It’s cold! So why not have a hot gin toddy, made with Le Gin from France and some lemon, cloves and cinnamon?

I’m on shortened operating hours this week (7pm to 10pm) as per the request by the Tokyo government, but if you’re in the mood for a quick one for the road, you know where to find me!