bar miyako and voting perks!

最近では選挙で投票した方に対して様々な「センキョ割」サービスを提供するお店が増えているようですが、#barmiyako もその動きに賛同します!



There seems to be a growing number of restaurants and shops offering perks to those who vote. Given the importance of voting, it seemed like a fun and thoughtful way to raise awareness, so we’ve decided to join in!

From July 5 to July 16, bar miyako will offer a free draft beer to everyone who votes (or casts an advance vote) in the Upper House election on July 10 and can show us their voting certificate.

For those of you who don’t have voting rights in Japan, if you can convince me that you’ve voted in the latest election in your home country, you’re eligible for the beer too. I trust you!