bar miyako and amahagan vino de pago

今年の春に限定発売された志賀の長濱蒸留所の「アマハガン ワールドモルト Edition Vino de Pago (ヴィノ・デ・パゴ)」を入荷しました!


その中で「ヴィノ・デ・パゴ」とは、スペインのワイン法における最高位格付けであるヴィノ・デ・パゴの赤ワイン樽にAMAHAGAN Edition No.1を後熟させたもの。フルーティでエレガント、甘味も際立つ、余韻の長いブレンドとなっていますので、ご興味のある方はぜひお店で!


We now have a bottle of “Amahagan World Malt Edition Vino de Pago,” a limited release from Nagahama Distillery in Shiga Prefecture.

Nagahama Distillery, the smallest craft distillery in Japan, began operations in 2016. The Amahagan series, launched in December 2018, features a blend of the distillery’s own whisky—which it hopes to introduce as a single malt in the future —and imported whiskies from around the world. (Fun fact: “AMAHAGAN” is “NAGAHAMA” spelled backwards.)

The “Vino de Pago” finishes the AMAHAGAN Edition No.1 in casks of red Vino de Pago, which is Spain’s highest wine classification. The whisky offers a fruity, elegant taste with pronounced sweetness and a long finish.

If you’re interested, please visit our bar! We are open this week from 7pm to 1am on weekdays. We look forward to welcoming you!