bar miyako and GW/jackalopes

今年もゴールデンウィークが始まりましたが、皆様いかがお過ごしですか。期間中の #barmiyako ですが、5月1日、2日は通常営業、5月3日〜7日までお休みとなります。今週は短い営業になりますが、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。



Golden Week is here! This week, bar miyako will be open as usual on Monday, May 1 and Tuesday, May 2, but closed from May 3-7, reopening on Monday, May 8. It’s going to be a very short week, but we hope to see you all back at the bar!

Pictured are two gins (Gunpowder and Harahorn) featuring the mythical jackalope on their label. The jackalope is a creature described as being a rabbit with horns – a cross between a jackrabbit and antelope – and is said to mainly inhabit North America, though it is also known in Scandinavia as the harahorn. According to legend, it can imitate the human voice, and can be caught by getting it drunk using whisky, its beverage of choice.

Drumshambo Gunpowder Irish Gin is infused with Gunpowder green tea from China, while Harahorn Gin from Norway, is a fresh, clean and fruity gin made with Nordic juniper berries, blueberries, rhubarb and other botanicals. Please stop by if your interest is piqued!

bar miyako and golden week 2023

<ゴールデンウィークの営業について /
Opening hours during Golden Week>

Please see below for our operations during the Golden Week holidays.

4/24 (月) ~ 4/28(金) 通常営業 / Regular operations
4/29 (土)休業 / Closed
5/1 (月) ~ 5/2 (火) 通常営業 / Regular operations
5/3 (水) ~ 5/6 (土) 休業 / Closed
5/7 (日) 定休日 / Closed
5/8 (月) ~ 通常営業 / Regular operations

通常営業中は bar miyako は19時〜25時、bar miyako living は19時〜27時までとなります!
During regular operations, bar miyako will be open from 7pm to 1am, bar miyako living will be open from 7pm to 3am.


Pictured is the floral and fruity Gold 999.9 gin, distilled in a pure gold pot still in the Alsace region. Please stop by if your interest is piqued!