happy holidays from bar miyako


そしてクリスマスが過ぎれば、あっという間に年末!#barmiyako の年末年始の営業についても合わせてご案内いたします。

2019年は12月28日(土)まで営業、新年は1月6日(月)からとなります。なお、28日は少し早めにオープンして17時〜24時まで営業します!年末年始も #barmiyako をどうぞよろしくお願いします!

Christmas is here! Why not celebrate with a sweet and frothy white martini made with vanilla vodka and white cacao liqueur?

After Christmas, we’ll be just a jump (to the left) and a step (to the right) away from the New Year!

bar miyako’s last day of opening for 2019 will be Saturday, December 28, when we’ll open a bit early at 5pm. Our first day of operation in 2020 will be Monday, January 6. I hope to see you all back at the bar again soon!

bar miyako and van gogh flavored vodka



今週の #barmiyako は23日(月)は祝日のため定休日となりますが、火曜から土曜日まで通常営業となります。また、28日(土)は、以前にもご案内させていただきました「第2回おこめナイト」を開催します。人気アルバイトのおこめちゃんが一日店長として皆様のお越しを心よりお待ち申し上げております!

For those with a sweet tooth or adventurous spirit, why not try some flavored vodka from Vincent Van Gogh? At bar miyako, we have the sweet and luxurious Dutch Chocolate vodka and the American lunchtime staple, PB&J. While peanut butter and jelly may not be what you would usually associate with vodka, the result is quite surprisingly pleasant (to those who like PB&J, that is), so worth a try!

This week, we’re closed on Monday, Sep 23 for a national holiday, but open as usual from Tuesday to Saturday. Additionally on Saturday, we’ll be holding the second “Okome Night” event, where popular staffer Okome-chan will be in complete command of the bar, so please feel free to stop by if you’re a fan!