bar miyako and seedlip non-alcoholic gin

日に日に暖かくなってまいりましたね!今週の #barmiyako は引き続き平日の17時〜20時(お酒の提供は19時まで)の時短営業となりますが、ちょっとの間でも皆さんと春の訪れを感じながら楽しい時間を過ごせたらいいですね!


Spring is just around the corner! While bar miyako will continue to be on shortened hours of 5pm to 8pm (alcohol served only until 7pm), we hope we can celebrate the changing of the seasons together, if only for a short while.

And for those of you who can’t make it by 7, or for those who just aren’t in the mood for alcohol, we have a selection of Seedlip’s amazing non-alcoholic gins, so your bases are covered! Hope to see you soon.

bar miyako and bar food

政府の緊急事態宣言再延期に従い、#barmiyako も3月21日まで引き続き平日の17時〜20時(お酒の提供は19時まで)の時短で営業いたします。また、姉妹店 bar miyako living のオープンももう少し先になりす。不便な日々が続いてますが、後もう少しの辛抱です!

でもそんな中でもちょっと明るい話題を一つ。今週からオープンに先立って、livingのフードメニューの一部を bar miyako でもご提供いたします!早い時間に軽くつまみながら一杯はいかがですか?ほんの一瞬でも、皆さまのお越しをお待ちしてます。

Due to the re-extension of the state of emergency, bar miyako will remain on shortened operating hours of 5pm-8pm until March 21 (weekdays only.) We’ll also be extending the opening of bar miyako living for just a little big more. But again, all we need is just a little patience.

But some good news. Starting this week, we can provide some of bar miyako living’s food menu at bar miyako, so if you’re in the mood for a quick bite to eat with a good drink, you know where to find us!