bar miyako closed until may 11

4月25日から緊急事態宣言の発出のため、#barmiyako は5月11日まで休業いたします。


Due to the new state of emergency starting April 25, bar miyako will be closed until May 11.

The sadness is crushing, but am looking forward to the day I can see you all again and turn my tears of sorrow into those of laughter!

bar miyako and skydiving

今週も #barmiyako はまん延防止等重点措置のため、17時〜20時(お酒の提供は19時まで)の時短営業となりますが、だんだん天気もよくなってきたこの季節、爽やかな青空をイメージしたスカイダイビングのカクテルなどはいかがですか。


We’re still on shortened opening hours of 5pm to 8pm this week, but as the days get warmer and sunnier, why not try a crystal blue skydiving cocktail to lift your mood?

On a personal note, I wanted to let you know that I went skydiving for the first time in my life this weekend! … but alas, I can’t because we had to cancel at the very last minute due to strong winds. But that makes me even more determined to make a wicked skydiving cocktail, so please stop by if you’d like to see me shake with a vengeance (lol).