bar miyako and miyako gin

今週から10月!9月はジョン・ウィックとキアヌ・リーブズ関連の投稿にジャックされたてしまった#barmiyako ですが(お付き合い、本当にありがとうございます!)今月からはジンやおすすめのお酒のご紹介に戻ります!

今週は沖縄、宮古島の多良川酒造の、その前も MIYAKO GIN!シナモンやカルダモンが効いたほんのり甘くてスパイシーでちょっと妖艶なジン。(名前の通り?笑)スパイス感を味わうにはロックがおすすめですが、すっきりしたジンリッキーやエキゾチックなマティーニにもなります!ご興味のある方はぜひお店で。


O un-hushed October evenings wild!

We were a bit fixated on all things John Wick/Keanu Reeves in September (thank you for putting up with us), but now that October is upon us, we’d like to shift the focus back to the lovely gins and spirits we have in our collection.

This week, we’d like to introduce the very appropriately named MIYAKO GIN from Miyako Island in Okinawa. With cinnamon and cardamon among its botanicals, the gin is slightly sweet, spicy and a bit exotic – living up to its very lovely name (ahem). It’s great on the rocks, but can also make a mean martini, so please stop by if your interest is piqued!

This week, we’re open from 7pm to 1am on weekdays, and from 7pm to 12am on Saturday. Hope to see you all back at the bar soon!