bar miyako and kilchoman


#barmiyako では定番の「マキヤーベイ」に加え、ルビーポートの樽で熟成した甘みと塩気が絶妙な限定品の2018年「ポートワインカスク」(残り僅か!)に年1回リリースのシェリー樽熟成の2018年「ロッホゴルム」を揃えてます。また、カクテルなどでも冴えるブラックベリーとモルトウイスキー、蜂蜜を使用した「ブランブル・リキュール」もございますのでアイラ好きの方は是非遊びにいらしてください。


For Islay single malt scotch lovers, we have a selection of punchy and peaty malts from Kilchoman, an independent farm distillery which began production in 2005 and was the first to be built on the island of Islay in 124 years.

In addition to the signature Machir Bay, we have the limited Port Cask Matured 2018 Edition, matured in ruby port wine casks with sweet and citrusy palate (almost gone!) and the smoldering peaty Loch Gorm, limited 2018 edition. We also have the New Spirit Bramble Liqueur, made from blackberries macerated with malt whisky and honey, which works great in cocktails, so please stop by if your interest is piqued!

This week, we’re open as usual from 7pm to 1am from Monday to Friday, but we’ll be closed on Saturday, February 23. Thank you so much in advance for your understanding and hope to see you all soon!

ロッホゴルムとブランブルで作るカクテル、「ピートボグ・プリンス」(ピート沼王子?) Peat Bog Prince cocktail with Loch Gorm and Bramble Liqueur