bar miyako and drumshanbo gunpowder irish gin

既に多くの方に愛されていますが、今週は改めてドラムシャンボ ガンパウダー アイリッシュ ジンのご紹介です。茶葉の見た目が火薬のようであることからガンパウダー・ティーと呼ばれる中国の平水珠茶(へいすいすちゃ)を使用したクラフトジンで、bar miyako オープン以来の人気者です。ほのかに香るお茶と余韻の長いスパイスが特徴で、トニック割り、水割り、お湯割りでもいけますので、ご興味のある方はぜひお店で!


今週の #barmiyako ですが、平日は通常通り19時〜25時まで営業してますが、22日(土)は都合により臨時休業をいただきます。ご了承のほど、どうぞよろしくお願いします。皆様のお越しを心よりお待ち申し上げております。

While already a favorite of many bar miyako patrons, I’d like to re-highlight the Drumshambo Gunpowder Irish Gin, a delightful craft gin infused with Gunpowder green tea from China. The tea gets its name from the shape of the leaves, which are rolled into individual pellets for better preservation, and is what gives the gin its unique flavor. It’s great with tonic, water, or as a hot gin toddy, so please stop by if your interest is piqued!

As an aside, the bottle is adorned with the mythical jackalope, a cross between a jackrabbit and antelope, said to mainly inhabit North America. According to legend, it can imitate the human voice and is quite fierce, but it can also be caught by using whisky, its beverage of choice, to get it drunk.

This week, bar miyako is open as usual from 7pm to 1am on weekdays, but please note that it will be closed on Saturday, February 22. Apologies for any inconvenience, but thank you so much for your understanding. Hope to see you all back at the bar soon!