bar miyako and women in distilling 4 – hendrick’s / leslie gracie


もともと科学者だったグレイシー氏は、製薬会社でフレーバー開発に従事したのち、1988年にヘンドリクスの親会社のWilliam Grant & Sonsに入社。当初はウィスキーの開発に携わっていましたが、90年代に入り、今までにないような新しいジンを立ち上げたい!という会長の命を受け、ジン開発担当に。



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In our fourth Women’s History Month post on distilling, we’re spotlighting Hendrick’s Gin and its master distiller, Leslie Gracie.

With a chemistry background, Leslie joined William Grant & Sons in 1988. Initially involved in whisky, she later took on the challenge of creating a unique gin in the 1990s.

Utilizing her expertise in scents and botanicals, Leslie crafted Hendrick’s iconic rose and cucumber flavor. She continues to innovate, experimenting with new botanicals to create limited edition gins with exotic flavor profiles.

One of her latest creations, Grand Cabaret, is now available at bar miyako! Inspired by early 20th-century Parisian nightlife, it offers a fruity, floral, and opulent experience. Drop by to sample it, along with other limited editions like Orbium and Neptunia. We can toast Leslie’s contributions to the distilling world with a nice Hendrick’s gin and tonic!

This week, we’re open on weekdays from 7pm to 1am. Please note that the main bar will not be operating on Saturday for the time being (bar miyako living will continue to operate every other Saturday as usual), so we will be closed on Saturday, March 30. Thank you so much for your understanding and hope to see you all back at the bar soon!